Forensic Painting

The sketch, the first hit, mistakes, and multiple revisions; layer after layer is buried beneath a finished painting.

This series, Forensic Painting, employ multi-spectral imaging, produced at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center in Williamstown, Massachusetts. By using these photographic techniques that select specific frequencies of light, we can look back into the history of a painted surface.  

In these paintings, I have composed the layers in a sequence that takes advantage of this technique and the light-sensitive qualities of pigments. This process allows me to build distinct image environments on separate layers that can then be read together to create a sense of time passing.

The artistic process, for me, is almost always a forensic method.The goal of forensic science in law is to determine truth by the presentation of evidence that includes witness testimony and material exhibits. Forensic science attempts a convincing narrative reconstruction of an event. Truths, especially the ugly ones, must be delivered in a beautiful way to be convincing.  Through careful presentation of events, objects, or images in sequence, my goal is to communicate a truth.