Joshua Nierodzinski is an artist, curator, and co-founder of HEKLER based in
Brooklyn, New York. The artist’s paintings, installations, and exhibitions investigate representation, perception, and empathy through multi-sensory modes of presentation.

Nierodzinski’s paintings are characterized by an uncanny familiarity that exists between observational, memory, and lens-based painting. Compositions originate from a personal archive of collected objects, images, and experiences. These sources are a union of public life and private thought and suggest stories that become transformed by the act of painting as presented in Forensic Painting project.

Forensic painting employs conservation imaging to activate the narrative potential in the material and history of a painted surface. The finished painting and the forensic photographs create an image complex that establishes connections between the collective cultural memories and the artist's personal experience. The Forensic Painting project is made possible through a collaboration with the Williamstown Art Conservation Center in Williamstown, Massachusetts.