A Plexus of Fragments at Breezeway Gallery

Prljevic_Nierodzinski_Not a Cloud in the Sky.png

Please join us on November 18th for A Plexus of Fragments, a Breezeway exhibition by

Nataša Prljević and Joshua Nierodzinski.

November 18th, 6-9PM
Breezeway Gallery
41-41 46th Street, Apt. 2B
Sunnyside, New York, 11104

A Plexus of Fragments is an arrangement of collaborative videos and collages that create a home for dissonant spaces and nomadic objects.

The videos are assembled from found and personal documentary footage in the artists’ archives. Each video uniquely weaves public and private spaces using site-specific filming, montage, and video inset. Triggering the anxiety, poetry, and absurdity of homemaking, the work addresses the process of looking as inherently displacing.

The series of collaborative collages, Nomadic Objects, harmonizes the fragments of unwanted artwork salvaged from artist’s studios, streets, and galleries.


Joshua Nierodzinski